Ngoketunjiaonline, wish to acknowledge haven failed to give it’s readers news within Ngoketunjia in the past few weeks. This is due to some difficulties encountered at the editorial level however things will return to normal in less than as month from this day.

1) We have had over two thousand(>2000) visitors since the blog was launched. This is important to the editorial team because the blog was launched as a trail and within the trail period we have recorded more than we expected in terms of visitors and number of stories posted.
2) We have realised that it’s possible to make it happen and not only sit and watch others take the front line position. The blog has therefore come to stay and it’s mission has been appreciated and welcomed by all readers.
3) Materially, it was never going to be easy because we publish only after visiting the scene of the events and these have always been difficult but by His Grace and thanks to the importance given to news dissemination by some Ngoketunjia elites, we braved the odds and visited scene of all news making events within our trail period.

We will return before the end of November 2015 and our blog will feature a column dedicated to Ngoketunjia man of the month. Ngoketunjia man of the month will permit us to pay tribute to an individual who must have distinguished his/her self within a given month in Ngoketunjia’s development. To identify a Ngoketunjia man of the month, our editorial team shall present a shortlist to our readers who shall vote by sending a short message with codes that shall be decoded and kept for reference. Our goal is to promote hard work among Ngoketunjia sons and daughters.

We wish to acknowledge haven received support from our readers and some of Ngoketunjia sons and daughters. First and foremost, our visitors and readers have all been wonderful to us and to have a feel of writing when no one will read, just try talking to yourself and see how boring and depressing it can be. When you are talking and you know people are listening, you are motivated. THANK YOU TO ALL OUR READERS. Secondly we wish to thank some individuals who have offered moral, material and financial support to us saying “THANK YOU ” to them for identifying the role of communication in development. Prof. Ghogomu Paul, Hon Njingum Musa, Mr. Tafili Magnus, Pa Lima Thomas and all those who like our Facebook page.

With the world going digital, we thought it necessary to put up a blog that could permit us communicate With Ngoketunjia sons and daughters wherever they may find themselves. The initiative is that of one of us “Mbah ISOFA” who while on mission to EDEA could not be abreast with happenings back home and discovered that the internet was an information medium where people could communicate. To him, “we needed something like this to permit us inform our brothers and sisters wherever they are”. This blog is thus focused on reporting news exclusively within Ngoketunjia division and could be contacted for coverage of any event for a wider audience.


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