Born on the 22nd of August 1989 at PMI Nkwen to Ghogomu Bridget Moupah and Ndifimbui Fonsho Isaac, Fonsho Isaac Junior was named after his father. He attended primary school in Modern Bilingual Bonapriso Douala and left in class six at the age of nine (9). He began his secondary school in Presbyterian Comprehensive Secondary School before leaving for Government Bilingual High School (G.B.H.S) Ndop where he graduated with his advanced level in 2007. He left for the University of Yaoundé I (ENS) and spend five years graduating with a DIPES II. While at the University of Yaoundé I Fonsho Isaac Junior participated in University Games and gained the admiration of many. His father Ndifimbui Fonsho Isaac, a sport lover himself revealed to ngoketunjiaonline that contrary to other parents who shout at their children whenever they venture into sports, he supported his children in the best of his ability “I too was a sport man and I always advised them of the importance of doing sports, the elder brother Collins was captain of UB Handball team for four years before leaving for the Senate. I have never shouted at my children for doing sports” Fonsho Isaac Senior revealed. While at the University of Yaoundé I, Fonsho Collins (Junior’s elder brother) was at the University of Buea and also was captain of the Handball team for four years. During University Games, they used to play against each other and their father, Fonsho Isaac Senior took off time to watch the two play against each other during the University games in Douala “During the University Games that was in Douala, Collins and Junior were to play against each other, Yaoundé I vs Buea. I went there and the coach for UB saw me and came to me and asked who I was supporting and I said all of them because its sport. He said if he was the one he will not come and I told him is going to be a draw game and that the two shall play in the final. That’s how it happened and the two played in the final with UB emerging champion ahead of Yaoundé I”. Fonsho Isaac Senior revealed. Fonsho Isaac Junior has represented Cameroon before, during the International Handball Federation Championship for emerging nations in Kosovo in June 2015 and was named in the all-star team of the tournament with Cameroon finishing in the seventh position (



At the current Nation’s Cup taking place in Egypt, Cameroon defeated Nigeria (24-16) during their first match and were beaten by Morocco in the second encounter (26-23). In their group, Egypt and Morocco (two wins each) lead the group while Algeria and Cameroon (one victory one defeat each) follow with Gabon and Nigeria (two defeats each) are at the bottom. Cameroon’s next match is against Egypt this Saturday January 23, 2016. To the father, Fonsho Isaac Senior, he wish his son achieve even more “we chat even on Facebook, as a father, I wish he goes more and more. I know that the grace of the Almighty with be with him. Allez Fonsho Isaac Junior. Fonsho Isaac junior is of Bambalang origin, Ndop central sub division.

By Mbah Isofa.

When it happens in ngoketunjia, we know it and when we know it you know it and of course we know it because we are ngoketunjiaonline.


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