The competition that began some months ago will be finalized this Saturday the 13th of February 2016 in Ndop. Organized for all the 13 villages that make up Ngoketunjia Division, the trophy worth over Five Million Francs (5.000.000FCFA) for both Boys (Football) and Girls (Handball) is donated by Hon. Njingum Musa for Peace and Unity to reign among Ngoketunjia Sons and Daughters. Being a Member of Parliament for Ngoketunjia North Constituency Hon. Njingum Musa thought it wise that there could be no meaningful development without Peace, No Peace without Unity, No Unity without Love and No Love in Ngoketunjia without everybody being involved, reason why the competition is titled Peace and Unity Cup Competition and organized not only for villages of Ngoketunjia North Constituency but for all the villages in Ngoketunjia Division. The competition started at the three sub divisional levels with two teams qualifying to play the quarter finals that was played in Babessi Sub Divisional headquarters. After the quarter finals, Bamessing, Bamunka Urban, Bamali and Balikumbat qualified to play the semifinals in Football (boys) while Bamali, Bamunka Urban, Balikumbat and Babessi qualified to play the semifinals in Handball (girls). At the semifinals played this Tuesday the 09th of February in Balikumbat Sub Divisional Headquarters, Bamunka Urban had an easy ride over the Balikumbat boys while Bamessing fought hard to overcome the Bamali boys in the second match. Thus Bamessing will play against Bamunka Urban in the finals scheduled this Saturday the 13th of February 2016 at the Sub Divisional Headqaurters of Ndop Central Sub Division. In Handball Girls, Bamunka Urban humbled the Babessi girls while Bamali surprised everyone to come far from behind and beat Balikumbat on home soil. The finals will thus be Bamali against Bamunka Urban. Both finals (football and handball) will be an all Ndop Central finals given that no other team is coming either from Babessi Sub Division or Balikumbat Sub Division.



Bamunka Urban is tipped to emerge victorious in both finals given the talent, discipline, tactfulness and maturity that the players have demonstrated this far.


It should be recalled that this competition was reserved for sons and daughters of Ngoketunjia Division.


At G.S Balikumbat where the semifinals matches were played, indigenes came out in their numbers including old women and men who could not believe that people could travel from Ndop Central Sub Division and Babessi Sub Divisions to come and play. Speaking to some of them, they revealed that it has never happened and that they were used to hearing that their sons and daughters are travelling to play in Ndop. This to them is a historic event. To the Bamunka Urban team who have in the recent past enjoyed home advantage over their opponents, they had to play with travelling fans who stumped the venue in large numbers. Hardly could the Balikumbat boys enjoy any home advantage as the noise was coming mostly from travelling fans who were at home away from home. The fan club of Bamali was present and added something different to the atmosphere surrounding the playground.


The objective of the Member of Parliament which is for Peace, Love and Unity can be given a 100% score as the players demonstrated love for one another, played with passion and understanding respecting each and every one. The fact that it was organized for all the villages in Ngoketunjia Division and matches played in different playing grounds, permitted the players to acquaint themselves with their brothers and sisters of other villages. For example, matches of the First day of play in Ndop Central Sub Division was played in Bamunka Urban Field, Matches for the second Day of Play, played in Bamali Field, Matches for Third Day of play in Bamunka rural field etc. As if that was not enough, Matches for the Quarter Finals were hosted by Babessi Sub Divisional Headquarter, Matches for the Semifinals hosted by Balikumbat Sub Divisional Headquarter while the finals will be played at the Ndop Sub Divisional Headquarter which doubles as the Divisional Headquarter of Ngoketunjia Division. Sons and Daughters of Ngoketunjia Division are more than ever before aware of the fact that Peace, Love and Unity are prerequisites for any meaningful development and are now praying for God Almighty to Grant Hon. Njingum Musa long life and his heart desires. Speaking to some youths, they revealed to ngoketunjiaonline that Hon. Njingum Musa a politician with a difference, one who is ready to do whatever it takes to achieve development of not only his constituency but his division of origin.

By MBAH Isofa


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