Rains on women’s day left untold stories in Bamunka, Divisional Head Quarters of Ngoketunjia Division. Coming barely days after thieves were reported to have attacked the head office of the Upper Nun Valley Development Authority (U.N.V.D.A), the lone state cooperation in the North West Region. As the story goes, while women were busy feasting, wind started blowing with high intensity and the rain was about to fall. It did not take long and the rain started falling with ice. Neither the wind no the rain took up to 30 minutes but the damages caused were enormous. Electric poles damaged, Iron sheets on rooftops removed etc. The story was further taken with a pinch of salt when it emerged that the roof of the building housing the General Manager of U.N.V.D.A was completely taken off. This to Ndop town dwellers is abnormal not even to a building as solid as the buildings found at the G.R.A. These buildings are constructed with stones and are believed to be the most durable in Ndop town. However it happened that Mr. Chin Richard will come back after accompanying women in activities of the women’s day celebration and meet his household items in a pool of water. Eye witness recounts to ngoketunjiaonline that “I was sitting in the house and before I knew it, I heard the wind blowing at high speed but I could not imagine what my eyes saw. The roof of the General Manager’s house was flying like an air plane. I was confused and started running. I went mad for some minutes”. This to many is not normal.

IMG_20160310_125402  IMG_20160310_125020IMG_20160310_124714


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