It is an open secret in Ngoketunjia Division that Chieftaincy crisis is disrupting the functioning of some villages. A programmed Ngoketunjia Fons’ meeting was scheduled to hold in Babessi Fon’s Palace on Saturday April 16, 2016. A meeting whose outcome remain known only to its partakers. ngoketunjiaonline was informed on good authority that out of thirteen Fons who were expected to attend, less than five Fons actually made it to Babessi Fon’s palace. This was however not confirmed as all efforts to have the Fons react were futile. However, as faith will have it, no matter how  long we pretend, we can never runaway from our problems. We should use the time we take to point accusing fingers  to face the realities. The Senior Divisional Officer for Ngoketunjia Division speaking at the installation ceremony of Mr. Ayuk Edward Taku as Divisional Officer for Babessi revealed that there are chieftaincy crisis in not only Bangolan but Baba I and Babungo villages of Babessi Sub Division “Chieftaincy problem in Bangolan, Baba I and Babungo shall demand your display of tack, firmness with the law guiding your actions”. Speaking to the press, the Fon of Babungo revealed that the Ngoketunjia Fons are not united as some are fueling crisis in other villages “the fons are not very united as they used to be because some other fons are bent on supporting rebel groups, trying to bring down some other traditional rulers and our union is not functioning very well, I must be honest with you and NOWEFU is also not very much functioning because of allot of ills going on in the northwest that needs to be ironed out. Fon Ndofoa Zofoa III identified the causes of chieftency crisis on the fast changing society which the Fons must also change to adapt “the truth is that there is the wind of change, the time has come and there is a serious wind of change and traditional rulers are forced to move with the wind of time. If you stay behind, your people will revolt against. we believe that there is a wind of change and there are so many things that are going on now that traditional rulers need to meet up with. He however expects allot from the newly appointed Divisional Officer for Babessi in order for peace, love and unity to reign in the administrative unit. “we expect that the new DO should be very honest and respect the law, the rights of individuals and also our customs and traditions” . On a message to his subjects, he called on them to be peaceful and call their rulers to order without using violence “the message is for them to respect their traditional rulers, always call them to order without using violence”.


Fons share a smile with the S.D.O, Ngoketunjia

On another score, political leaders were conspicuously absent from the installation ceremony as neither the Section President of CPDM Ngoketunjia III no the District Chairman of the S.D.F were present. The member of Parliament for Ngoketunjia North Constituency was absent while Ngoketunjia Born SENATOR was also absent. The absence of Mr. Chindong David, Mr. Tikanjo Stephen, Hon. Njingum Musa and Senator Dingha Ignatius Bayin from the installation ceremony must be taken with a pinch of salt. 


ngoketunjiaonline: when it happens in ngoketunjia, we know it and when we know it you know it and of course we know it because we are ngoketunjiaonline





  1. Please, webmaster or page designer, remove the foreign picture at the top of this page and put a picture from Ngoketunjia. We have so much rich landscape, hilly panoramic scenes in Ndop and around the 7 villages … Thanks


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