Speaking during Ndop district health elections on 16/05/2016, the 2nd assistant senior divisional officer of Ngoketunjia Pastor Ebai Ebi Wilson gave firm instructions to officials of Ndop district health service to strictly respect the prescriptions of Public Health Minister’s prescriptions in order to give the people maximum health care. According to the administrator, despite the fact that the decision went into force a long time ago, he expect the strict implementation as from the 16/05/2016 because it is on this day that he will personally ensure that it is stringently respected. According to the minister’s letter, he acknowledged the poor reception of patients and their relatives, lack of patient orientation and guidance within the hospital, delays in and inadequate management of patients, extortion, diversion of patients and parallel circuits for the sale of drugs and consumables, lack of compassion for patients in distress, in a state of physical, moral or mental suffering among others. Consequently, he recommended the wearing of an identification badge for all staff of the health facility, reception and orientation areas for users should be functional by ensuring the observance of and training in good manners of dedicated staff, waiting rooms being clean and with benches, information boards and restrooms nearby among others. Andre Mama Fouda observed that in case of life saving emergencies, management must be immediate and without prior payment meanwhile daily ward rounds, visits and counter visits of medical doctors are obligatory in hospitalization services. The minister in his release gave firm instructions on the control of missions “regular control missions and unannounced visits accompanied by reports shall be carried out in accordance by the general inspectorates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd category hospitals, regional delegations of public health for 4th category hospitals and district health services for 5th category hospitals”.


Mr. Pilla Oumarou

During the elections, Mr. Pilla Oumarou was unanimously reelected to chair the management committee of Ndop District for the next three years. Speaking to ngoketunjiaonline shortly after his election, Mr. Pilla Oumarou observed that politics is not discussed in health but they talk of results. To him he will do everything possible for the people of Ndop health district (Ngoketunjia Division) to have quality health. His most challenging task will be to ensure that the minister’s circular is respected, especially when it comes to saving lives first before money. In reaction, the chairman said “I will work tirelessly to ensure that the minister’s directives are respected”. It should be recalled that the team have as responsibility to educate the public on public health facilities and its advantages, to encourage the indigenes on using public health facilities, to act as the people’s representatives in the management of public health institutions among others.


By Mbah Isofa


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