Holding today 09/06/2016 in Ndop and presided over by His Lordship Achu Francis, the court of first instance Ndop examined a case pitting the people of Cameroon versus Wasum Augustine (Mayor Balikumbat Council) and five others concerning the disappearance of a certain 14 year old girl by name Iyeh Temdika Precious sometime last June 2015 and passed a judgment per suit No: CFIND/20C/2015 condemning the act with respect to section 353 of the penal code.


WASUM AUGUSTINE (picture credits

According to the judgment, Wasum Augustine, Bodga Maxwell, Sama Gilbert, Pedkungha Hoseni Wasum and Tahnfon Simon Talam have been sentenced to 8 years and charged a fine of 400.000FCFA each with a civil party claim of 30.000.000FCFA and a proceedings cost of 238.200FCFA while one other Yenyi Divine who is on the run was sentenced to nine (9) years in prison and a warrant of arrest issued for him.

The said girl disappeared in June 2015 and have not been seen till date. She is a daughter to one of the councilors of Balikumbat Council by name Nwanyek Philip and is said to have been a close friend to the Mayor. The victims have 10 days to appeal before the North West Court of Appeal if they are dissatisfied with the judgment.

By Mbah Isofa

ngoketunjiaonline: when it happens in Ngoketunjia, we know it and when we know it you know it and of course we know it because we are ngoketunjiaonline.



  1. A girl has disappeared n these five accused of it.
    What proves were there to back it up? Please details of what transpired between the girl n these five would be very spicy to the news. Did she travel with them n never came back?


  2. Many people believe peace is important in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts that might hinder progress or even result in the loss of life. There are many brothers and sisters devoted to fostering peace within the domestic and global spheres. Of course I think it for BALIKUMBAT SUBDIVISION For example, understanding others in order to enrich life within the global community, or the subdivision

    I heard the very sad news. It is going to be a pleasure for some, maybe a sad news for others. As a priest and a peacemaker, I analyze the situation in a different angle. without checking deeply, I will just pray for the whole subdivision. We need peace. Without peace, none of us will be happy, development is not possible. I call the good sens of my former Christians, people of good will and others to work for peace, and to avoid eventually every kind of conflict which will put down the progress.


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