Papa Amadou  Njingum passed on to eternity on the 16th of June 2016 at the age of 99 leaving behind many children, grand children, great grand children etc to mourn him. Prominent among his children is Hon. Njingum Musa, Member of Parliament for Ngoketunjia North constituency and questor at the national assembly of Cameroon. As a polygamist, Papa Amadou Njingum had many children some of whom are practicing Christians and others practicing Muslims. Due to this religious pluralism practiced by his children, there’s been widespread consternation after his demise over the non respect of Muslim doctrine given that Muslims are buried as soon as they passed on and never kept in mortuary.  However, ngoketunjiaonline was confided by a close family friend who revealed that due to religious pluralism practiced by his children, Papa John Amadou Njingum died as a Christian and thus would be buried as a Christian though his practicing Muslim children will also have to honor their father in their doctrine. Our source also revealed that despite the different religious believes by his children, they are united in their diversity and work together for the betterment of one another.

According to the burial program made public, on Friday the 28th of July, his mortal remains will be removed from the Bamenda regional hospital mortuary at 2pm and conveyed to his compound at Tulah Quarter in Bamali village of Ndop central sub division that will be followed by wake keeping mass at 6pm same day. On the 29th of July there will be a funeral mass at 9am at St. Joseph Catholic Mission Bamali Ndop and burial at the family compound immediately after funeral mass.


Burial souvenir cloths (contact 677883942)

Some of his children have been reacting to the demise of their lovely father who left sooner than they could imagine. “Pooh papa I don’t know where to start. You Were that father who Showed us fatherly love and care, you thought us to grow in unity, very encouraging and always telling me patient is the key of success, how will I continue at this juncture, who else will tell me my son fear not, papa u left a vacuum no one can fill in my life, your grand children will miss your friendly love, papa I know where you are, you will always be with me in spirit .R.I.P Daddy” Njingum  Idirisu  Tantoh.


Burial souvenir cloths (contact 677883942)

Speaking with one of Hon. Njingum Musa’s aide, he revealed to us that “Hon. Has lost his father and all he can do is to give him a befitting burial. As an aide, we are helping him to succeed with his desire to give his father a befitting burial. They did all they could do to safe his life but God had a better plan for him. Hon. Being a practicing Muslim, his father died as a Christian and thus I hope Hon will do necessary arrangements for his Muslim brothers/sisters to honor his father according to Muslim doctrine”. He continued and said burial souvenir cloths are available for friends and loved ones who will like to mourn with Hon. Njingum Musa. Those in Ndop could meet Mr. Oumarou Sanda (677883942) to get theirs while those out of Ndop could also call him for reservation.

May his gentle soul rest in peace





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