According to Wikipedia glossary, Politics is the process of making uniform decisions applying to all members of a group. More narrowly, it refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance, organized control over a human community, particularly a state.

A politician is thus one who is actively involved in politics or one who holds or seeks a political office. In Cameroon and Ngoketunjia division in particular, we are used to seasonal politicians. People who are seen only during the process of choosing someone for an elective position.

A fortnight ago a reporter referred to politics in Ngoketunjia being reduced to a Njingum Musa affair. Whether or not politics can be an individual’s affair, the hidden truth about Ngoketunjia is that Hon. Njingum Musa is politically more active than any other individual.

Take him as a case study, observe his activities and ask yourself from the bottom of your heart without party leanings what else is needed of a politician of his standards. He is people’s representative or more commonly a parliamentarian. As a parliamentarian he has the mandate to represent the people of Ngoketunjia North Constituency in the national assembly. Something he has been doing diligently and his contributions were recently rewarded by members of the national assembly who unanimously elected him to the position of a “Questor” having the rang and prerogatives of a minister.

Back home, he has to support community development projects, rally his people to obey state institutions, to educate his people on changes to the law of the land among others. Taking support to community development projects or call it micro projects, this is an area where politicians especially parliamentarians have always had problems with their people. In the case of Hon Njingum Musa, the doctor is instead looking for patients, something that would have been the other way round.

Take for example, he recently paid visits to mosques within his constituency, ensuring that the prayer grounds are constructed to dignifying standards. Here, he donated bags of cement, plywood, corrugated iron sheets (zinc), financial assistance just to name a few. Then came the visit to schools both primary and secondary schools where he saw for himself development projects he supported, the case of G.S Mbonkwo Kake.

Bambalang village was without a ceremonial ground for some years and the Member of Parliament sponsor with a “twinkle of an eye” the construction of a ceremonial ground that today serves as the main playing ground in the village.

To the youths, the Member of Parliament organized a football tournament for peace, love and unity. A tournament that culminated with the visit of His Excellency the minister of sports and physical education Bidung Mpatt. This tournament, the Member of Parliament said in his words was for Ngoketunjia division and not only his constituency. It ended that not only youths in Ndop central and Babessi participated but youths from Balikumbat Sub Division also had a taste of his largess. During the semifinals that took place at Balikumbat ceremonial ground, indigenes came out and sang songs with praises to someone they have always been hearing about his good works.

These activities are just few among numerous activities he has undertaken within the past months. During Labour Day 1st of May like international women’s day on the 8th of March, the Member of Parliament had a communion with all groups that registered for match past. If a good politician is someone who does good work then what else do we need? This question and many others are being asked and Hon. Njingum Musa’s activities have gone beyond that of the people’s representatives. For if not, what does he want? There are no elections now, his party, the CPDM is without doubt the most popular party in our Division where people feel proud to identify themselves with the party, the case here wherein all the three councils, two parliamentary seats and a senatorial position are all occupied by CPDM representatives.

In the book Hardball, Chris Mathews does an outstanding job of explaining what good and bad politics and politicians are, as well as how to get there or avoid it. Even though they are his thoughts, every right thinking person will see that a good politician should be someone who is concerned with the well-being of his people and knows how to help them overcome their challenges.

In our case Hon. Njingum Musa is not only concern with the well-being of his people, but he leads the problem solving chain. This is seen through the number of people who identify themselves with him calling him “daddy or papa Musa”. To them, they don’t see him as a politician rather they see him as a father. His activities are not only lauded by his party comrades but by a cross section of non-militants.

This write up is not saying that Hon. Njingum is perfect but rather recognizing like any development oriented person, his efforts towards the amelioration of the living standards of people who are in need. Critics hold that it is a matter of time and thus only time will tell whether it is truly for the well-being of people or for personal aggrandizement. These critics should not also forget in a hurry that there is a popular believe that, “the more people talk positively about you, the more God’s blessings will be showered on you and your heart desires granted”.

His ingenuity in politics has earned him several awards from several media organs notably, The Watchdog Tribune, World Echoes, The Guardian Post, Life Time and most recently The Eye Newspaper where he was voted as Best Politician of The Year

Whether it is for the amelioration of the living condition of the people or not, observers hold that such a largess have never existed in Ngoketunjia division since the arrival of multiparty politics.

By Mbah Isofa

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The inauguration ceremony brought together members of the traditional council in Bambalang, inhabitants of Bambalang village, friends of care center from within the village and out of the village. In his welcome speech, Dr. Mbachiokie Richard revealed that care center has as mission to take care of the whole man, taking care of the body, soul and spirit. According to the medical practitioner, care center has a vision to see people receive health care and pay little or nothing. The occasion offered men of God an opportunity to spread the good news. Pastor Shanui Noveter of Baptist Church Bambalang drew inspirations from the book of  Corinthians I chapter 8 verse 6 and thrilled participants with a special message in which he observed that despite latest machines, death rate is still on the rise. The man of God challenged attendees to pay tribute to the creator and maker of all things. Speaking passionately, a zealous pastor Shanui Noveter said despite the acquisition of an echography machine and other machines by care center, the healer remains God Almighty whose mercy could be sought through his son Jesus Christ. The inauguration ceremony also gave care center an opportunity to present a statistics of its activities some 11 months after opening its doors. Care center will be remember after coming to lamplight just few months after opening its doors with the successful operation of conjoint twins which we reported ( Care center offer Laboratory services, surgery, mother and child care, dentistry, general consultations, blood transfusion, vaccination, high blood pressure clinic, diabetic clinic, epilepsy clinic, pharmacy with quality drugs, with the introduction of the echography services among others. People took the ceremony as an opportunity to give testimonies of their experience with care center clinic. “if not of care center I would have been history by now, I went to many hospitals and no problem was identified with me but when I came to care center my situation changed for better and my problem identified”. 


With the inauguration of the ultrasound machine, friends of care center have some expectations, “We expect that it will help poor people to have precise diagnoses, something that initially was only possible far away from the village with inhabitants having to pay huge sums of money and braving the poor roads”. Rev. A.P Fomukong. It should be recalled that ultra sound is safe and painless and produces pictures of the inside of the body using sound waves. Ultrasound imaging, also called ultrasound scanning or sonography, involves the use of a small transducer or probe and ultrasound gel placed directly on the skin. High frequency sound waves are transmitted from the probe through the gel into the body. The transducer collects the sounds that bounce back and a computer then uses those sound waves to create an image. Ultrasound examinations do not use ionizing radiation as used in x-rays thus there is no radiation exposure to the patient. Because ultrasound images are capture in real-time, they can show the structure and movement of the body’s internal organs, as well as blood flowing through blood vessels. Ultrasound examinations can help to diagnose a variety of conditions and to assess organ damage following illness. Ultrasound is used to help medical practitioners evaluate symptoms such as pain, swelling and infection. Ultrasound is a useful way of examining many of the body’s internal organs, including but not limited to the heart and blood vessels, including the abdominal aorta and its major branches, the liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, uterus, ovaries and unborn child (fetus) in pregnant women, eyes, thyroid and parathyroid glands, scrotum (testicles), brain in infants, hips in infants among many others.


At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Mbachokie Richard revealed that henceforth care center shall assist parents to acquire birth certificates for their newborn babies upon delivery, treatment of snake bites free of charge using a specific machine, run a health insurance policy that will permit people have health care even without a franc. These innovations according to the ever smiling and welcoming experienced medical doctor are steps in a direction to see care center attain its vision, that of people having quality health after paying little or nothing. The echography machine goes operational immediately.


Workers had time to shake their bodies and give praise to God Almighty through the voice of Sis. Odette Nditafon  in her musical album “I am Favored”


Front view of care center clinic Bambalang

By Mbah Isofa

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Towards the end of May each academic year, parents of children attending school in a particular institution come together to discuss about issues concerning the education of their children. The meeting comes under the name PTA general assembly. The parents/teacher association is a body comprising of parents and teachers of an institution of learning who meet annually to discuss matters on the educational, moral and spiritual well-being of the students or pupils of a particular learning institution, either at the elementary or secondary school level. This body is basically made up of two arms; the Executive and the General Assembly. The general assembly meets once a year, while the executive meets as often as the need arises. Every child begins life within a particular family. The child is raised and taught some fundamental principles in life, such as what is right and what is wrong, the kind of behavior that society approves of and those which society regards as anti-social. Thus children begin life in a home environment learning and being exposed to life principles by their parents. This form of education termed informal education is gradually being thrown to the dust bin as many parents are absentee parents. Oh yes absentee parents, parents abandon their children to teachers and expect their teachers to perform miracles in formal learning institution. How many of us parents treat our children like human beings, how many parents are concern about the wellbeing of their children, how many parents take into consideration the delicate nature of molding a child through adolescence, how many parents listen to their children’s problems with kind attention or how many parents actually wish their children well? It is true that children’s success in life is to their own advantage but it is also true that parents have a responsibility to ensure that their children become successful in life as they will be their walking sticks at old age. Parents adopt the “I don’t care” attitude and fail in their role of being the children’s first teachers in an informal learning institution. They do this with impunity for after all no legal action awaits them. In turn you have parents who shy away from their responsibilities only to blame the children for being stubborn not knowing that they themselves are exposing their own weaknesses. Gradually, as the child grows older it becomes an imperative for the child to meet persons in a different environment where formal education takes place. This new environment is the school. At the beginning children have difficulties coping and accepting this “strange” place but they gradually begin to become accustomed to it. What is very important to note here is that discipline and learning which was initially and exclusively the responsibility of the parents, must now be shared between parents and teachers. The child begins to learn a lot of things and very new things, new ways of doing things and so forth. Besides the teachers who have become a new phenomenon in the child’s life, other pupils or students play a role in the life of the child because of constant interaction and communication. This phenomenon sometimes brings confusing in the mind of the child. It is however a very important process because it is the only means by which a child can acquire formal education and training and gain financial independence in future. Parents should be aware that this is natural and not the child’s fault. In effect, they need to demonstrate more love to their children and assure them of their protection. That way the children see their parents as a protector and not a threat. They turn to believe what they parents say and not doubt it. Teachers become the watch dogs and the regulators of the new way of life, helping the child to adapt to everything seemingly new for the child. This then buttresses the point that teachers are not merely supposed to teach their subjects, but to also contribute to the upbringing of the children and because the parents still play an important role in the life of the child, it becomes necessary and important to group the two main actors at this stage of the child’s life to work together in raising a complete human person. The idea of a PARENTS/TEACHERS ASSOCIATION or call it PTA, came to be borne out of the necessity to avoid conflicting methods and approaches in raising the child. In all institutions of learning be it private or public, you will not find one single school in the NW nor SW Regions of Cameroon without a body or association named a PTA. They have contributed immensely in the educational, material and moral well-being of the children. From the very moment that a child begins school, his or her life is no more influenced by the home environment, but also by the new environment which is the school. Parents are the primary actors in the life of the child and the teachers are secondary actors. Both are participating in the upbringing of the child in different ways and as a result it becomes very important to establish a common forum for both parents and teachers to come together to discuss issues pertaining to the welfare of the children. While the children are in school the teachers are acting in loco parentis, especially in the area of discipline, and therefore the necessity for both parties to meet annually to exchange notes and form a common ground of action in the best interest of their children. However, we have noticed with a lot of dismay that the PTA have been reduced to monetary issue. Where once you hear of PTA, what first comes to mind is money, the contribution of money and the management of the money contributed. Parents attend general assemblies just to have their own share of what they contributed. Parents behave as if they someone is forcing them to send their children to school while school administrators take advantage of the illiteracy of the parents and exploit them. How many PTA general assemblies are chaired by so called PTA presidents, how many PTAs are fully aware of their role in the school milieu, how many PTA executives are not elected based on the interest of the school authorities, how many PTA executives are not mere errand boys, these are just a few of inconsistencies that should be addressed and fast too.



Now comes the administrative authorities who will only attend a PTA general assembly if an envelope accompanies their initiation cards. They come just to justify what they received and their presence is equal to their absence. They pretend to allow the parents decide on issues that concern them whereas they mean something else. Every educational institution has its own set of values by which the standards of that institution are assessed. It is not sufficient for the school to send to parents, a list of school rules to which the children are to be subjected. It is most important for parents to understand the essence of those rules and regulations. Such understanding can only be derived in a forum of the Parents/teachers meeting. Parents need to understand the rules and regulation so as to encourage their kids to abide by them and as such learn their support to the institution to keep the standards and values in the interest of the kids. Where this is not possible, parents become disgruntled and critical of a system which is rather beneficial to their kids. ( e g owning mobile phones or other electronic gadgets in school, assorted clothes in school among others). But what we notice is disgraceful, parents go for general assembly and end up leaving as they came. Their interest all focused on entertainment at the end of the meeting. Rules are read to them, but they have no patience to listen, they are always in a hurry to go to where God alone knows and the next day they start complaining. We realize that the PTA meeting is very important as a forum for sharing ideas all geared towards helping our children develop both academic and moral strength and integrity. As parents we want the best for our kids and we should know and understand the environment in which they learn, the comfort of the environment, the facilities made available to achieve a holistic education. It is a well-known and established fact that school environment and regulations have been improved and made more conducive for learning over the years through a great deal of participation and contribution of ideas from parents. The more comfortable our children are in schools, the less worrisome we shall be as parents and as the old saying goes more heads are better than one, parents should therefore not look at general assembly meetings as a way to have their own share of the money they contributed but rather as an opportunity to contribute ideas on how better the institution could be organized to meet the needs of their children. School administrators should not look at parents during PTAs as bunch of fools but rather should look at them as people who want the best for their children. That way, there will be no need to rush over issues just because the parents are deemed unreasonable. Administrators and officials of the delegation should also play their watchdog role and avoid compliances with executives to swindle funds.



Speaking during Ndop district health elections on 16/05/2016, the 2nd assistant senior divisional officer of Ngoketunjia Pastor Ebai Ebi Wilson gave firm instructions to officials of Ndop district health service to strictly respect the prescriptions of Public Health Minister’s prescriptions in order to give the people maximum health care. According to the administrator, despite the fact that the decision went into force a long time ago, he expect the strict implementation as from the 16/05/2016 because it is on this day that he will personally ensure that it is stringently respected. According to the minister’s letter, he acknowledged the poor reception of patients and their relatives, lack of patient orientation and guidance within the hospital, delays in and inadequate management of patients, extortion, diversion of patients and parallel circuits for the sale of drugs and consumables, lack of compassion for patients in distress, in a state of physical, moral or mental suffering among others. Consequently, he recommended the wearing of an identification badge for all staff of the health facility, reception and orientation areas for users should be functional by ensuring the observance of and training in good manners of dedicated staff, waiting rooms being clean and with benches, information boards and restrooms nearby among others. Andre Mama Fouda observed that in case of life saving emergencies, management must be immediate and without prior payment meanwhile daily ward rounds, visits and counter visits of medical doctors are obligatory in hospitalization services. The minister in his release gave firm instructions on the control of missions “regular control missions and unannounced visits accompanied by reports shall be carried out in accordance by the general inspectorates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd category hospitals, regional delegations of public health for 4th category hospitals and district health services for 5th category hospitals”.


Mr. Pilla Oumarou

During the elections, Mr. Pilla Oumarou was unanimously reelected to chair the management committee of Ndop District for the next three years. Speaking to ngoketunjiaonline shortly after his election, Mr. Pilla Oumarou observed that politics is not discussed in health but they talk of results. To him he will do everything possible for the people of Ndop health district (Ngoketunjia Division) to have quality health. His most challenging task will be to ensure that the minister’s circular is respected, especially when it comes to saving lives first before money. In reaction, the chairman said “I will work tirelessly to ensure that the minister’s directives are respected”. It should be recalled that the team have as responsibility to educate the public on public health facilities and its advantages, to encourage the indigenes on using public health facilities, to act as the people’s representatives in the management of public health institutions among others.


By Mbah Isofa


It is an open secret in Ngoketunjia Division that Chieftaincy crisis is disrupting the functioning of some villages. A programmed Ngoketunjia Fons’ meeting was scheduled to hold in Babessi Fon’s Palace on Saturday April 16, 2016. A meeting whose outcome remain known only to its partakers. ngoketunjiaonline was informed on good authority that out of thirteen Fons who were expected to attend, less than five Fons actually made it to Babessi Fon’s palace. This was however not confirmed as all efforts to have the Fons react were futile. However, as faith will have it, no matter how  long we pretend, we can never runaway from our problems. We should use the time we take to point accusing fingers  to face the realities. The Senior Divisional Officer for Ngoketunjia Division speaking at the installation ceremony of Mr. Ayuk Edward Taku as Divisional Officer for Babessi revealed that there are chieftaincy crisis in not only Bangolan but Baba I and Babungo villages of Babessi Sub Division “Chieftaincy problem in Bangolan, Baba I and Babungo shall demand your display of tack, firmness with the law guiding your actions”. Speaking to the press, the Fon of Babungo revealed that the Ngoketunjia Fons are not united as some are fueling crisis in other villages “the fons are not very united as they used to be because some other fons are bent on supporting rebel groups, trying to bring down some other traditional rulers and our union is not functioning very well, I must be honest with you and NOWEFU is also not very much functioning because of allot of ills going on in the northwest that needs to be ironed out. Fon Ndofoa Zofoa III identified the causes of chieftency crisis on the fast changing society which the Fons must also change to adapt “the truth is that there is the wind of change, the time has come and there is a serious wind of change and traditional rulers are forced to move with the wind of time. If you stay behind, your people will revolt against. we believe that there is a wind of change and there are so many things that are going on now that traditional rulers need to meet up with. He however expects allot from the newly appointed Divisional Officer for Babessi in order for peace, love and unity to reign in the administrative unit. “we expect that the new DO should be very honest and respect the law, the rights of individuals and also our customs and traditions” . On a message to his subjects, he called on them to be peaceful and call their rulers to order without using violence “the message is for them to respect their traditional rulers, always call them to order without using violence”.


Fons share a smile with the S.D.O, Ngoketunjia

On another score, political leaders were conspicuously absent from the installation ceremony as neither the Section President of CPDM Ngoketunjia III no the District Chairman of the S.D.F were present. The member of Parliament for Ngoketunjia North Constituency was absent while Ngoketunjia Born SENATOR was also absent. The absence of Mr. Chindong David, Mr. Tikanjo Stephen, Hon. Njingum Musa and Senator Dingha Ignatius Bayin from the installation ceremony must be taken with a pinch of salt. 


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Ayuk Edward Taku has taken over as Divisional Officer for Babessi Sub Division following his appointment by President Paul Biya through a presidential decree on the 6th of April 2016. Mr. Ayuk Edward Taku was formerly serving in the same capacity in Tombel Sub Division. The official commissioning ceremony was presided over by Mr. Valeri Norbert Kuella, Senior Divisional Officer for Ngoketunjia Division. In his welcome speech, the Lord Mayor of Babessi council presented a birth eye view of the Administrative Unit with four villages; Babungo, Baba I, Bangolan and Babessi with Babessi being the chief town. To the Mayor the main activity of the people is farming with maize and cassava as their main crop. Mr. Chou Issa Buba did not mince words when he said unequivocally that Bangolan chieftaincy crisis has gone out of hands. Speaking emotionally, the seasoned politician revealed that what so ever decision to be taken in near future should lay its foundation On the principle which the fathers of America made on 04th of July 1776 “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Mayor Chou Issa said “that to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. But we cannot exercise our rights regardless of the neighbor next to whom we live, regardless of society, regardless of the state. If I have a right to live, I have the corresponding duty to let others live; to give me the benefit of an education is to imply that I will use that education for the common good; for nature expects mankind to share the duties of the public care”.



In his speech and a direct response to the Mayor, the Senior Divisional Officer for Ngoketunjia declared that the Fon of Bangolan is and remains Fon Chafah Isaac. He however acknowledged haven received a petition from a fraction of the village and revealed that the petition shall be studied carefully and the petitioner replied accordingly. Mr. Valeri Norbert Kuella regretted the fact that Babessi is faced with problems concerning the custody of their traditional heritage. The celebrated administrator took off time to give firm instructions to the newly appointed Divisional Officer to collaborate closely with hierarchy in the discharge of his duties. “You must certainly be aware that duty of command personnel are numerous and delicate for the general and it involves from day to day and from place to place with the fast changing society in which we live today with its political, economic, social and cultural aspects of the Android generation”. The S.D.O acknowledged what is an open secret in Babessi Sub Division, Chieftaincy crisis not only in Bangolan but tensions also rising in Baba I village and Babungo villages. “Chieftaincy problem in Bangolan, Baba I and Babungo shall demand your display of tack, firmness with the law guiding your actions”. However, he called on the newly appointed Divisional Office not to neglect any group or faction of the population wherever they belong. “Do not neglect or put aside a group or faction of the population wherever they are belonging. Listen to all without exception and then render your service to the people without fear or favour and naturally without discrimination for this reason you should be readily available not forgetting that in administration what is applicable in one zone may not be what is applicable in another zone”.



The newly appointed Divisional officer was born on the 12th of December 1965 in Ossing Village, Eyumojock Sub Division of Manyu Division. He attended Presbyterian Primary School Ossing, Government Technical College Mamfe and “Kuro” memorial high school Limbe. He is a holder of the FSLC, CAP in building construction, and G.C.E Advanced Level. He admitted into the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) in 1998 from where he graduated with a Diploma in General Administration in the year 2000. He is currently pursuing post graduate study at the University of Dschang and had a degree in Law in 2015. In his professional career, he entered the public service in 1988 and served as Chief of Bureau for State Agents and Contract Officials at the Governor’s Office Buea. 2001 – 2004 upon his graduation from ENAM, he served as Assistant Divisional Officer in Mbiame, Bui Division. 2004 – 2008 he served as Second Assistant Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung Division. 2008 – 2011 he served as Divisional Officer for Konbo-Abedimo Sub Division in Bakassi and 2011-2016 he served as Divisional Officer for Tombel Sub Division, a post he held until his appointed as Divisional Officer for Babessi Sub Division of Ngoketunjia Division. He is happily married and father of four children.



The occasion witnessed the presence of Fon Chafah Isaac who was making a public appearance in the midst controversy over the custody of the traditional heritage of the Bangolan People.




Chechuma Banla, an elite of Babessi village was also present and donated a computer and a multipurpose printer to the newly appointed Divisional Officer to help him grab the new communication technology with ease. To the donor, sensitive documents are supposed to be processed in the office and not in public places reason why he and some of his friends based abroad decided to donate the gadgets to the office.




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Militants of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement of Ngoketunjia I celebrated the 31st anniversary of their party with a call for loyalty to one man; President Paul Biya. The call for an 83 year old man who has been president for over 33 years is appalling. In fact the anniversary celebration of the CPDM in Ngoketunjia I section turned out to be the celebration of the life of an individual, H.E Paul Biya. For over 33 years at the helm of state affairs, CPDM militants still believed that Paul Biya is the best man not only for the CPDM but the country. The calls for Paul Biya to be candidate in upcoming presidential elections have raised many questions. One; who said he should not be candidate, two; why are the calls coming now when elections are expected in 2018, three; Can we not think of having someone else at the head, at least for our Head of State to have a deserved rest? The more questions you ask yourself, the more unanswered questions you will still have to ask. You may be tempted to think that those calling for Paul Biya are unreasonable but therein you have the finest scholars this country have ever produced. Come to think of it, that in Ngoketunjia we know of people who have proven their worth wherever they go but yet they are the ones championing the calls for Paul Biya’s Candidature. To be more specific Dingha Ignatius Bayin, Ngwana Sama Bernard, Barbing Joseph Samgwa, Carl Mbofung, Soyang Evaristus, Ghogomu Robert, Mbapah Anthony Kipouh, Mello Sylvester, and the celebrated Paul Mingo Ghogomu are just a few among a host of idolized Ngoketunjia sons who have all proven themselves exceptionally in academic institutions before joining the CPDM where they are showering praises at one man. Very few of us could be up to their level of intelligence and workaholism but yet they think CPDM and Paul Biya is the best for our Division and Country’s development. We may think they are not saying it from within, but that is not important in politics because politics is a game of numbers and not a game of fairness, whatever is done to have the numbers is acceptable and politically speaking, they talk of being popular. Opposition parties in Cameroon have been identified as being comfortable with their freedom of speech while the governing party strategize to use their criticisms and govern better. Paul Biya has been described as a lucky president, a president full of wisdom and one who fulfills his promises. Politics being a game of numbers, CPDM and Paul Biya have the numbers and whether fairly or not, is a debate for another day. “If man pass you, carry he bag”.


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Militants of the CPDM Party of Ngoketunjia I section in Ndop Central Sub Division have join their comrades nationwide to call for the National Chairman, President of the Republic of Cameroon H.E Paul Biya to table his candidature for upcoming presidential elections and to be their unique candidate. According to the militants to Turned out massively at the Ndop Community Hall 24th March to celebrate the 31st Anniversary of the CPDM, H.E Paul Biya is a natural candidate and a life president. They liken Paul Biya to a lucky president, one who is full of wisdom and tact. The 31st Anniversary of the CPDM Party was celebrated in Ndop with Prof. Paul Mingo Ghogomu leading the central committee delegation and took place in the presence of administrative and traditional authorities of the Section area.  Speaking, Prof. Paul Mingo Ghogomu a celebrated prince of the Mbaw-Yakum Royal Family revealed that Cameroon, Ngoketunjia and Ndop Central Sub Division should happily rally behind the National President, Head of State, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, His Excellency President Paul Biya, in the growth acceleration drive and the war against BOKO HARAM. According to “The Pride” of Ngoketunjia People, President Paul is a leader who has his followers in heart, Fulfills his promises and the one and only who can lead Cameroon to economic emergence and the Fight against terrorism.

Prof. Paul Mingo Ghogomu Welcoming New Militants from the Opposition

Prof. Paul Mingo Ghogomu Welcoming New Militants from the Opposition


NDOP: Hon. Njingum’s Cup Finals

After suffering numerous postponements, the finals of Hon. Njingum Musa’s Peace and Unity Cup competition organized for all the thirteen(13) villages of Ngoketunjia will finally take place on Saturday the 19th of March 2016. According to Mr. Lobga Gorge, Chairman of the Organizing committee, the final shall be presided over by the Minister of Sports and Physical Education Bidoung Mkpatt.



Consequently, the youths around Ndop town are preparing on daily basis to welcome the Minister with allot of expectations. The Ndop Municipal Stadium is also witnessing some facelift while the teams are seriously preparing for to emerge victorious. More than ever before, the youths of Ngoketunjia now feel a sense of belonging, a sense of togetherness and a spirit to forge ahead as one man.

IMG_20160315_121435 IMG_20160315_120815

According to a communique read over Stone FM Radio(A community radio in Ndop), The chairman of the organising committee is informing presidents of all teams that took part in Hon. Njingum Musa’s Peace and Unity cup competition to be present during the Handball Finals and the Classification matches in Football and Handball, scheduled for Thursday the 17th of March 2016 at 12:00pm at the Peace and Unity Field. Both Encounters are to be presided over by the Senior Divisional Officer for Ngoketunjia in the presence of the North West Regional Delegate of Sports and Physical Education.

IMG_20160315_115943 IMG_20160315_120226

Saturday’s encounter to be presided over by H.E the Minister of Sports and Physical Education shall pit Bamessing against Bamunka Urban. Bamunka Urban is expected to win given that they boost of some of the finest talents that Ngoketunjia Division has ever produced. However football is unpredictable and Bamessing can defile all odds by beating Bamunka Urban.

12657261_767470226717720_8941909535478665937_o IMG_20160209_154635