According to the official results as released by the Cameroon GCE Board, the Advanced and Ordinary Level Certificate examinations had 66.52 and 62.17 % scores respectively. The GCE Board recorded the overall performance of the GCE Advanced Level (General Education) at 66.52%. This is a 6.11% increase as compared to 2015. 46,714 candidates registered, 43, 937 effectively sat, 2,777 were absent and 29,226 passed giving an overall 66.52% in 2016. The GCE Ordinary Level scored 62.17% this year, gaining a 17.24% increase over 2015. In all, 12 schools had 100% scores in the GCE Advanced Level, while 17 schools scored 100 % in the GCE Ordinary Level.

From our findings, 27 students at the advanced level had 25 points with 5A grades, they included: NSOH BRYAN ANYE of Bilingual Grammar School Molyko, FONKOUA-FOFOU RAOUL, NGU KINGSELY JUNIOR CHO, DAYEBGA BABILA MUTIA, NKIPANG HUBERT MOH TANGONGHO, ATABE NGWENE NERI NGOLE all  students of Sacred Heart College Mankon, WIYSAHNYUY SUFYAN BERINYUY, VERSHIYI ADEL BONGAKEH all of Government Bilingual High School Kumbo, MUKI FOKUM HOFFMANN, MOHAMMED AWAL YAYA of Government Bilingual High School Bamenda, NDINGWAN TEVOH LORDSWILL of Presbyterian Secondary School Mankon, NJOUKEKANG DOUNTIO SHAREF BLERIOT, KENNETH TIOTSOP FRANCK, TCHINDA DIMITRI all of Government Bilingual High School Bafoussam, NGOMPE NOUGHANI DOLVIE GUISELLA, BABILA CHRISTOPHER of Government Bilingual High School Bonaberi, MUKUM BRANDON VUYUFAMBOM NFAMWEH of Saint Paul’s Bilingual Comprehensive College Nkwen, TAMBASHO MOHAMMED NAJIBU NKWENUI of Baptist High School Mankon, DONGMO ALEX GEORDRIQUE of Government Bilingual High School Dschang, AJUA DANIELA NGEFAC of Government Bilingual High School Etoug – Ebe, TUME ETIENNE LAMFIH (25). Government Bilingual High School Mbouda, CALEB FONYUY-ASHERI SUUYNYUY of Government High School Kitiwum, DONKENG NGUENTI THIERRY ADRIEN of Pi And Ju Anglo Saxon International College Nkomo-maetur Yaoundé, NGUEMBOU KEMCHE JOSEPH FRESNEL of Orchidee Bilingual College Douala, OBOLO NWAGA INES of NESCAS Etoug-ebe Yaoundé, MIKI MIYANG LIMNYUY of St. Albert’s Comprehensive College Bafut, DZEUBAN FENYOM IVAN of Saint Benedict College Mvolye Yaoundé.

Upon the release of these results; Mbaw-Yakum Sons and Daughters have been congratulating one of theirs TAMBASHO MOHAMMED NAJIBU NKWENUI who had 25 points from Baptist High School Mankon. In a chat with some of his family members, they revealed that TAMBASHO MOHAMMED NAJIBU NKWENUI had lots of difficulties while in school but due to his determination to succeed, God finally crowned his efforts with such an amazing success.



TAMBASHO MOHAMMED NAJIBU NKWENUI was born on the 29th of May 1999 in Bambalang village of Ndop Central Sub Division to Tambasho Isofa and Madam Njoya Amina. He attended Oganza Bilingual Nursery and Primary School Douala before moving on to Baptist High School Makon where he obtained his ordinary level and now his advanced level. His brilliant success had brought to light what concerted efforts can bring to the life of an individual. It is worthy of note here that, from my findings I found out that he received supports from a host of people who could not afford to see his dream thrown into mud.  TAMBASHO MOHAMMED NAJIBU NKWENUI had a wonderful motivation and thanks to support from people like Papa Ndifimbui Isaac (Philanthropist), Mr. Tanfuh (principal BHS Mankon), Mr. Nchia Caleb (Teacher BHS Mankon), Madam Mbah Jeanette and the entire staff and student body of BHS Mankon.

The English Man says “when one door closes another door opens” Tambasho Mohammed Najibu Nkwenui have just gone through high school and is now heading to higher institution of learning. The dangers that lie ahead, is the possibility of him seeing his dream short-lived. If I say so, it is because like any one knows, education in higher institution of learning demands allot of money and in Mohammed’s case who barely survived in high school, it will be foolhardy for anyone to presume that he will be able to enroll into any higher institution of learning. In a chat with close family friends like Nchofong Cosmas he revealed that this might just be the end of a long journey that would have taken this boy to higher heights “My brother, let me tell you that it will be very difficult for the family to be able to send him to higher institution of learning, inability to succeed public concours, inability to meet up with the demands of higher institution and many others. We are only praying to God that before school resumes we should be able to lay our hands on what will enable him go back to school” Nchofong Cosmas said heavyhearted. It shout be noted that Tambasho Mohammed saw his parents run into a financial hardship just before he obtained his ordinary level certificate. As a result of this, his parents attempted withdrawing him from Baptist High School Mankon but all thanks to the efforts of the aforementioned individuals who distinguished themselves and stood by him.

At ngoketunjiaonline, we recognize the efforts of Ngoketunjia born Tambasho Mohammed Najibu Nkwenui and all other candidates who had 25 points at the advanced level. We wish to congratulate all successful candidates in the recently released GCE results.




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