It beats our imagination that there is no comprehensive article online about the villages of Ngoketunjia Division. The ones that exist are either poorly written or does not actually represent our villages. At a time that the internet remains a major source of information, ngoketunjiaonline cannot sit and pretend not to have knowledge about this.
We therefore intend to embark on a journey to let the world discover Ngoketunjia Division through the villages. Our articles shall come up weekly and will run through the end of October 2016 during which time we shall be able to present all the thirteen autonomous villages of Ngoketunjia Division.
Our articles shall comprise of the History, traditional heritage, population, way of life, inheritance, tourism, Present and Past Fons, Business activities, Main occupation, road network and politics among others.


Ngoketunjia hill early 02/07/2016

Ngoketunaji Division is made up of thirteen autonomous villages spread across three Sub Divisions as follows.

Ndop Central Sub Division

  • Bamunka Village
  • Bamali Village
  • Bamessing Village
  • Bambalang Village

Babessi Sub Division

  • Babessi Village
  • Bangolan Village
  • Baba I village
  • Babungo Village

Balikumbat Sub Division

  • Balikumbat Village
  • Bafanji Village
  • Baligashu Village
  • Baligansin Village
  • Bamukumbit Village

All these villages are headed by traditional rulers most of them second class Fons. The people are further governed through quarter heads who are appointed by the Fons of the respective villages. The people of Ngoketunjia pride themselves of hosting the lone state cooperation in the North West Region and this is thanks to the seat of the Upper Nun Valley Development Authority (UNVDA) being in Bamunka Village of Ndop Central Sub Division. The people of Bamunka are reputably very welcoming and accounts for the warm reception accorded to strangers in Ndop town. This is exemplified in the number of non-indigenes who reside in the heart of the town. No one visits Ndop town without wanting to stay for as long as possible. The choice of Bamunka Village as the Headquarter of Ndop Central Sub Division and Ngoketunjia Division is divine and designed for the development of the division.

Ngoketunjia Division also prides itself with food stuffs in abundance with a specie of groundnuts like that from Bambalang specific and found nowhere else to the best of our knowledge. “Bambalang fish” is also unique and becoming more popular in the entire region than any other water vertebrate animal with gills. Still in Bambalang there is a museum where cultural artifacts are kept. The Bambalang museum was visited earlier this year by the minister of Arts and Culture. Talking about museums, there is the much talk about Babungo museum that has been visited by present and former ministers of arts and culture, ambassadors among others. The Bamessing Press Pot is attracting visitors from within and without the country.

This is just a tip of an iceberg…

We therefore wish to ask for support from our readers, friends and well-wishers to enable us accomplish the daunting task of presenting a comprehensive article about each of the thirteen autonomous villages of Ngoketunjia Division.

Your supports could be in helping us acquire the information we need about a particular village, to enable us visit all the palaces and take pictures, to visit all the touristic sites just to name a few.

Contacts:, (+237) 677 373 714 / 662 994 886

ngoketunjiaonline team



  1. Glad to see you trying to promote Ngoketunjia Division and her villages. In your write ups do cause the readers to know about the various islands in Bambalang..Mbisa, Mishie,Nkeshie, Mbefeugue etc islands. Most geographers around the country teach about islands but give examples from without.Students can be taken to Bambalang for field trips to see the islands and other features etc

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